"This is one of those items that you may not have realized you needed until it’s in your possession..."

Winner Of The TWICE Picks Award At The CES Technology Show!

Whether I'm working at home, or binging shows in bed, one thing that always gets in my way is my phone constantly slipping and sliding off of whatever I precariously lean it on. Every time I sat down to eat, I would have to play out a balancing act of trying to get my phone to stay put on whatever was on the dinner table.

Of course, it would never work, and time and time again I'd have to take a break from my messy sandwich and wobble my phone back up, all while trying not to get mustard all over my new phone screen (which never went well either 😒).

On top of that, while working at my computer desk, I would find myself reaching for my phone every two minutes just to be able to see what notifications were popping up.

This all changed when I went to the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) this past year. Imagine 170,000 attendees at the world’s biggest tech event – where self-driving electric trucks and 4D cameras from all the big companies are revealed for the first time. 

And yet, despite all the innovation at the conference, one item stood out to me. 

This one item, which costs less than a few Starbucks latte’s, went on to win one of the most coveted CES awards by a landslide, the TWICE Picks Award, and seemingly overnight has already sold more than 500,000 units since its reveal. But that’s only part of the reason of why I was so excited about this brilliant new invention called the GoDonut.

What is GoDonut?

GoDonut is a revolutionary phone and tablet stand that makes it easy to enjoy your mobile devices anywhere, hands-free. 

This small and simple donut-shaped device packs a huge benefit – the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all your mobile devices, completely hands-free. And after using it for several weeks after the big event, I honestly can’t believe I ever lived without one, it's completely gotten rid of all the little annoyances that came with using my devices at home.

It’s truly universal so it’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, even ones that haven’t been released yet. That’s because GoDonut has built-in flexible grooves that fit everything from small phones to massive tablets. 

These grooves hold your devices 6 different ways – giving you the best view possible no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Each angle can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode:

  • Portrait mode (tall) – Ideal for web-browsing, reading, hand-writing, and video chatting.
  • Landscape mode (widescreen) – works best for watching movies, playing video games, drawing and more.

Switching between portrait/landscape mode takes a second while finding the best angle in that mode takes another one. With GoDonut, you are always two seconds away from your best viewing angle.  

There are 3 different viewing angles to choose from: 45° / 70° / 90°

The 45° and 70° angles let you use your phone as you normally would, perfect for counter/table-height viewing to help me master my chocolate protein cupcake recipe.

During the day you can find it holding up my phone or tablet at my desk using the 70° and 90° angles – it’s like having a second monitor which improves my productivity while I’m at work.

Because the stand is weighted, it can safely handle portrait or landscape mode, without fear of your devices toppling over no matter how big they are. Whether you’re reading, watching, swiping, typing, or drawing, you can be 100% certain that your device will stay right where you want it.

Bonus: GoDonut is also great for videography and FaceTiming since it provides a solid base without interfering with your device camera. You can also do this by standing it upright!

How does it work?

One of the best parts about GoDonut is that it works right out of the box! Simply place the GoDonut on any flat surface, and insert your phone or tablet into one of the grooves.

That’s it, there’s no setup or assembly required!

Within seconds, you can use it for reading, watching videos, and taking calls hands-free – easily adjust the angle of your device for any situation.

What makes GoDonut so unique?

Despite its deceptively simple appearance, it is now considered the best portable device stand because of all the unique benefits it offers.

GoDonut's patented design provides a non-slip and weighted base to ensure your device is 100% secure at all times. It also uses heat resistant and waterproof material so that you can use it at the beach while binging your favorite Netflix series or throw it in the dishwasher for a quick clean.

GoDonut is virtually indestructible and has been tested to hold up to 33000 pounds without breaking. This thing could seriously last you forever.

And because it fits in your pocket, traveling with it is a breeze. 

For those who travel with kids, you’ll be pleased to know it’s BPA free and not made with any known toxins or have any sharp edges. And YES, MY KIDS LOVE IT by the way.

If you’re case-happy like I am, the flexible material gives a bit for a snug fit with bulkier cases so you don’t have to worry about removing them before placing your device on the stand.

What else I love about GoDonut
  • It Works With Nearly Every Mobile Device & CaseGoDonut is the most universal and portable device stand ever built. It will work with your entire collection of mobile devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Kindle Fire, and more!
  • It's Great For Any Occasion – There are hundreds of ways you can use GoDonut. Binge watch Netflix, follow recipe videos while cooking, FaceTime friends, or record for your followers at the pool (yep, it’s waterproof too!) – the possibilities are endless.
  • You Can Enjoy Your Devices From Any Angle – Built-in grooves hold your devices 6 different ways to give you the best view possible. It takes only a second to adjust your view between activities like video calling, watching shows, taking selfies and more.
  • It Holds Phones & Tablets Securely – Swipe and type on everything from phones, tablets, eReaders, and more without worrying about your device tipping and breaking. GoDonut's patented circular design and weighted base keep your mobile devices upright and secure.
  • It's 100% Safe & Convenient – GoDonut contains no toxins, no BPA and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning – making it safe for anyone and perfect for kids!
  • It Lasts A Lifetime – Stop using cheap and flimsy stands that pop-off, break, and even crack your expensive devices. GoDonut is rigorously tested to ensure it’s virtually indestructible. It could be the last stand you’ll ever need to buy.
  • Their 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied with your GoDonut, they are happy to help exchange or return it!


GoDonut is starting to make a name for itself, which is no surprise! People everywhere are raving about it! (In fact, GoDonut has HUNDREDS of 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

People don’t just love GoDonut because it works, but because it is super easy to use too!

It’s so easy and inexpensive, there’s really no reason not to order your GoDonut right now! This is especially true since there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to give the GoDonut a try. What I love about this company is that they stand behind their product! Don’t love it? Send it back for a full refund. (But you won’t want to!)

I hadn’t found anything that could help me with this problem until now, and I’m really thankful that I did!

Join the THOUSANDS of people who are enjoying their devices hands-free whenever and wherever they need with GoDonut.

GoDonut has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on right now if you order online using the link below. We can’t guarantee these discounts will be available for long, but we'll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


"This is one of those items that you may not have realized you needed until it’s in your possession. I was given a red one (love the color pop) as a gift and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I use it all over my house. I have a newborn baby and during those late night feedings I place my phone in it to watch YouTube’s (mostly on how to take care of a baby) and have both hands free to tend to my little guy. I also use it for workouts (stretching/yoga) rather than having to prop my phone up against something random like I used to. It’s durable and super easy to use with your phone or tablet. I recommend getting two for yourself and one for a friend!" - Nicole


"I recently ordered my GoDonut phone accessory and have been using it non-stop since it arrived in the mail! It works just as it is advertised and is a convenient, portable size. I do a lot of cooking, and this product is ideal for positioning my phone to easily read recipes and navigate between webpages without setting my phone down on a dirty counter. It’s also great for Netflix binges and swiping between songs on Spotify. Highly recommend this multi-purpose product, 10/10! 🙂" - Serena W.


"I love this stand! The design is very sturdy and stylish, the color is bright and attractive. This is much better than other stands I’ve bought in the past that are flimsy/not versatile. I will be buying more for my family members and for gifts!" - S.J. Solano


"It usually sits on my desk in my office. Allows me to monitor my phone without having to pick it up. I have a slideshow of pictures as my wallpaper, so its like having a digital photo frame too! We also use it when camping to set our iPad on and watch shows while we eat or before bed. Easily fits in a backpack or purse. A good tool to have handy. " - Artie R.


"This was exactly what I was looking for! I bought the GoDonut to prop up my iPad and iPhone while in bed and works perfectly! The material is sturdy and can even work if placed on a pillow. The vibrant lime green color is so cute!" - Ida A.